The Medical Adventure Completed

It has been a long while since my last post, which reflects how long it took for my medical adventure (discussed in my last post) to be finished.

I did have my gall bladder removed in early December and thought that would be the end of it. However, that wasn’t to be the case.

Two days after Christmas, we went in for the two-week followup with my surgeon. After a few errands we stopped in for lunch at Subway. No reflection on Subway, but while standing in line I grew faint and passed out just as my wife got me into a booth.

That resulted in a Medic One ride to the emergency room; riding in their rig was sort of cool.

At the hospital I was diagnosed with another round of e coli; in addition I had an abscess at the site of the surgery. Both resulted in another four-day stay in the hospital and another drain – this time for the abscess.

Two weeks later I went in to have the drain removed, and the radiologist said what they thought to be a side pocket of that abscess was actually a second one. In addition, its location meant another drain would have to be inserted – this time through the liver. Yikes.

That drain was finally pulled on January 26th. Since then I’ve been free of fever or infection with no further complications. The doctors said as there was no infection while I had the last drain in (and being off all antibiotics) odds were more than good I was finally done with this. As it is, that’s the case.

Now comes the effort to rebuild my strength and endurance. During the last three months when I wasn’t looking someone had taken my arms and shoulders and replaced them with the same from some old man. I need to get mine back.

And sometime soon it’s time to get back fly fishing.


Author: Tom

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