Visiting Your Fly Shop – What You Should Expect

I came across a post from Vail Valley Anglers on what one should expect when visiting a fly shop. I think it’s good to be reminded of what shopping used to be like when most retail business was conducted person to person by members of the local community.

In many areas of retail those days are long-gone replaced first by the super mega mall with its acres of parking, food courts, and often-large boisterous crowds; and now by online businesses; ultimately like to be one online business as Amazon consumes everything like a black hole.

And fly shops are reminders of the way business used to be conducted – at the local level. I’ve visited a great many fly shops over the years. I seldom recall, or even attempt to do so, what brands they carried. But I do recall those where I was welcomed and treated with genuine interest.

I will say that most of the local fly shops around here are great. I’ve not been in one where I wasn’t made to feel welcome or where the staff was friendly. A very few have staff that remember my name even when I’ve not been in the store for many months. Those are the types of places that need to be supported.

You can read the post here.


Author: Tom

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