The Rake Replaces the Rod This Weekend

November is typically the month of wind and rain in Puget Sound. This year is no exception. We had the first winter storm come in over night and into the morning hours. People in a number of areas across the region are without power (we only had lights flicker). There has been a fair blow down – we have a six foot branch in the back yard and the streets are covered with fir needles. But the bigger problem is that we have leaves and fir needles everywhere around the house including the walks and driveway.

It would be nice to wait until all the remaining leaves on the hardwoods come down, but that’s impractical. There’d be so much material we’d have bags stacked for pickup for weeks. The other, and real problem, is that leaves and needles are slick when rained on and someone could get hurt if we don’t pick at least that up.

So my rod stays in the case this weekend and the raking begins in the morning. And the dark ages start tomorrow so it will be dark by late afternnon.

Remind me. How many months until Spring returns?


Author: TomR

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