Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving is, or at least should be, a time for a reflection and giving thanks for all we have.

This year for me has been more intense than any I’ve experienced.

As I’ve written about, the majority of this year has been spent recovering from my heart attack on January 22nd. Even writing these words feels a bit surrealistic.

I’m thankful for being alive.

I’m thankful for the many nurses and doctors who took care of me when hospitalized and the kindnesses they exhibited.

I’m thankful for the many friends and family who worried and prayed for me.

I’m thankful for the years we got to share with our beloved Rainier. And I’m thankful we continue to have Teddy, Oliver, and Hannah.

I’m thankful for David and Katherine. You make a dad proud.

I’m thankful for my wife Terri who was a tower of strength – no matter the fears she felt – as she took care of me and our dogs through hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Love is easy when life presents no challenges; it’s truly measured in the dark times. I know how much I’m loved.

I hope 2020 passes more easily.


Author: Tom

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