Social Security Scare Tactics for Younger Workers

The owners, the rich elites who own this country and have been waging various wars of terror on the American people since this country’s founding, are doing what they’ve always done of playing one group off the other while they increase their already obscene amounts of wealth.

One of their latest efforts are the claims that Social Security and Medicare are going broke with no way to save them, and they will not be available for younger workers (those 40 and under) as they reach their retirement ages.

It’s been somewhat successful as I’ve read articles by young writers who have internalized those claims and have written scathing articles about retirees and their supposed excesses.

Those claims are bullshit.

Both programs (Social Security and Medicare) can be saved by changes to spending priorities; increasing limits on, and types of, certain taxes; and doing what every other civilized nation has done in terms of providing healthcare.

All it takes is political will.

That will must come from young people working independently of the two major political parties.

The Republicans are cruel and odious on this issue as they are on everything else.

But don’t believe the Democrats either.

It was Barack Obama who proposed putting both Medicare and Social Security on the table as part of his “grand compromise”; fortunately the Republicans wouldn’t work with him on anything – including something they really wanted.

And it was Obama and the Democrats who gave us a healthcare system based on for-profit health insurance.

Nope – just like the kids from Stoneman-Douglas high school who are working to bring effective gun control to this country, you are all going to have to get involved with something that affects all your futures.

You might be surprised that your older relatives who love you would likely join in the fight to help you.

Dave Lindorff is an investigative journalist who has written on this subject. You can read his latest article here.


Author: Tom

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