Spring is Coming – Hopefully Soon

I haven’t posted in over one month as I felt I’ve had nothing interesting to say.

A new year – but the same old problems.

Current events are boring (US domestic politics); ridiculous (a San Francisco proposal to pay its black citizens $5million each); or terrifying (the indifferent drift toward direct conflict between NATO and Russia).

There’s not really much interesting to say about any of those topics – at least right now.

But there’s more than even all that – I think it’s just the winter blahs.

Our winters here tend toward the damp, cool (temperature ranges for most days are in the 40’s), and gray.

There are the occasional rain or snow events that at least cause some excitement.

Otherwise, it’s the same flat gray sky that spreads from horizon to horizon.

One other thing, the damp cold produces a bone-chilling cold that penetrates whatever you’re wearing. It sucks.

I’ve been in Idaho winters where the temperatures had been -12F with dry conditions, and I’d take that every time rather than what we have here.

Consider January 2023 weather.

January 2023 had 18 cloudy days, with another 9 in which there was some rain or snow (a few days had intense rainfall – that was a change). There were only four sunny days. The average daily high temperature was 46F; the average nighttime low was 42F.

I haven’t been out on the water since last year. I do want to get out – but typically January isn’t anyone’s favorite month for fly fishing Puget Sound. (Some do get out and catch an occasional fish, but the conditions can be challenging).

Hopefully February, which marks the start of the year’s fishing for many – with chum salmon fry beginning to enter the Sound, is the month I get out.

Until then, I think I’m just going to hope for the return of warmer, sunnier weather.

Spring is Coming!

Author: Tom

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