Summer Break

Yesterday, Terri and I went north about five miles to Olalla for a couple of hours of fly fishing. Down the stairs near Al’s Market (now closed – hopefully only temporarily) and then along the beach. We hoped to catch the outgoing tide so we arrived near the lower high and waited for the tidal current to build.

Except for seeing a few larger fish break the water and a few smolts jumping, it was not a day for catching fish.

But that wasn’t the point.

The day was beautiful: high sixties; light breeze; and a few wispy clouds in the sky. There were a few small cruisers moving north along Colvos Passage; even though one mile away near Vashon Island they generated enough wake to kick up a few waves that broke near us. It made for a few minutes of focused wading to avoid getting knocked down.

After some extended casting and wading, we found a downed tree trunk that had been washed up from some storm last winter and sat down and watched the world go by.

There was no COVID-19 pandemic; no economic collapse; no BLM protest; no CHAZ/CHOP (Capital Hill something); and no Trump. For several hours, no radio or television; no internet. Peace.

An extended break from modern life is a necessity.


Author: Tom

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