Orvis To Cover Travel Costs for Employees

Orvis has joined a number of other companies who have said they will cover travel costs for women needing to go out of state for abortion-related medical treatment. See their letter below.

The post on their Facebook page has generated a good deal of disgust from soon-to-be former customers.

There were, last I looked, almost 500 comments – the majority negative or hostile. At the same time, the post got approximately 600 “Likes” or “Loves”.

I suppose that reflects typical behavior in that only those who are the angriest take the trouble to express their feelings.

Many of the commentators have said they will no longer buy gear from Orvis, and will submit RMA requests to return equipment they haveĀ  purchased (Orvis has a very liberal return policy).

That those making returns have purchased gear and used it perhaps for some extended period, and now want to return it doesn’t strike me as a morally defensible position by people who consider themselves morally superior.

I continue to be appalled that many in the so-called right to life movement neglect the right to life of the woman carrying a fetus.

Many states are passing laws that outlaw all abortions, including due to rape or incest, or when the life of the mother is at risk. So much for believing in life. Of course, I suppose if you think you have the light of baby Jesus in your eyes you can do whatever you want. Everyone knows Jesus would have bombed an abortion clinic.

As to the position of Orvis itself, it seems to me they are taking a stand that the ability of their female employees to obtain needed medical treatment (including abortion) should not be restricted by the states they live in.

They could have implemented their policy without a public announcement. But then, when it became public knowledge – as it would inevitably do, as it’s likely not every Orvis employee will support the decision – they would have been attacked for not taking a public position.

So they took a position and will deal with the consequences. That’s integrity.

I will continue to support Orvis by continuing as a customer.

Well done, Orvis.



Author: Tom

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