One Backing to Rule Them All II

My last post was an introduction to the topic of fly-line backing. Read here.

The primary issue discussed was that backing has to provide both sufficient quantity and strength for the type of fishing to be done. This becomes critical when one fishes in an area where there are choices of fishing (e.g., both trout in freshwater and sea run trout and salmon in saltwater) or when one wants to travel to a tropical destination.

There’s now a type of backing that provides the answer to all the above issues. That is Hatch Premium Braided Backing – made by Hatch Reels.

Hatch backing is as supple as Dacron. But where Dacron is made up of three to four strands, Hatch has eight micro strands. This bolsters strength while cutting down on its profile.

To get specific, 20-pound Dacron has a diameter of .018 inches (.46 mm). Hatch backing has a diameter of .014 inches (.36mm). Impressive. But consider that it’s also smaller than either 30-pound Dacron [.024 inches (.61 mm) or 50-pound Gel Spun [.016 inches (.40 mm)].

That translates into more backing on the reel. As an example, a Hatch Finatic 7 reel with a large arbor spool used with an 8-weight line holds 210 yards of 20-pound backing; with the Hatch Premium backing that spools could hold 325 yards.

But then there’s the other advantage of Hatch and that’s its strength, rated at 68 pounds!

So one backing solution is available that is thinner than gel spun, soft as Dacron, and stronger than anything else (except wire).

I think for line weights 6 and above it’s a no brainer.

Any downsides?

Yes, the first is that it’s expensive. 100 yards of 20 pound Dacron costs approximately $9.00. One hundred meters of Hatch backing is about $29.

That may seem like a lot of money for backing. But consider… think about having all of your $80 fly line out beyond the rod and relying on your three-year old 20-pound backing.

The second is that you can have any color backing you want as long as it’s white.
That may not mean much, but I like colored backing – particularly orange. Still I’ll sacrifice the color to get high-strength backing on my reels.

I’m putting it on all my six-weight and above reels.


Author: Tom