Now, the Military

As he has done with the Department of Justice and the Department of State, Donald Trump has now corrupted the Department of Defense and the US military.

Violating the chain of command and and inserting himself in decisions related to both proven and alleged war crimes means that good order and discipline can be tossed out the window if you enlist Donald Trump as your ally.

Good order and discipline is a core principle of military service. It means the everyone is subject to the same rules; that individual service members can rely on the chain of command; that commanders know their orders will be carried out. It is a commitment to being subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice after swearing an oath to support and defend the US Constitution.

Trump has cynically perverted all of that for his own gain. He’s already made the request that those he pardoned campaign for him. How much longer before he demands military members pledge their allegiance to, and obey, him – not to the office of the President, but to him – Donald Trump.

As the Republican strategist Rick Wilson noted in his book of the same title: everything Trump touches dies.


Author: Tom

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