Life Lessons from Norman Maclean

Scotch or bourbon – with ice, water or club soda. That’s before dinner and those are your only choices.

At least that’s one of the rules for alcoholic drinks Norman Maclean (author of A River Runs Through It) gave writer Rebecca McCarthy in her wonderful remembrance of a summer spent getting to know Norman.

But alcohol wasn’t the only thing she learned.

She came to Montana at 16 to spend one summer with her brother and his family. She left with a direction and the beginnings of belief in herself.

She met a distinguished man – a professor of English from the University of Chicago who listened to her and believed it was his role to bring out the best in her as he did all the students he taught.

And he told her something else that is a life lesson for everyone. Even in his early 70’s, he said he wanted “to know who the hell I am.” The journey of self discovery never ends.

You can read the article from American Scholar here.


Author: Tom

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