Land of the Free and the Home of Mass Murder

Between yesterday and early this morning there were two more mass shootings, with at least 29 dead and dozens more wounded.

The shooter surrendered in El Paso, while he was among the dead in Dayton. In both instances, it appears the shooter was an angry young white man who used a semi-automatic combat rifle to commit mass murder. The El Paso shooting was clearly due to white supremacy beliefs; the Dayton shooter’s motives are unclear at this point.

Over the next couple of days, we’ll hear the usual Congressional twaddle of thoughts and prayers for the victims. President Trump – the orange motherfucker – will deny his responsibility for stoking racial hatred over the last couple of weeks. Right-wing politicians will say it’s too early to call these political shootings and attention should be given only to the mental health of the shooters – and certainly there should be no political discussions of further restrictions on guns out of “respect” for the victims.

The NRA will deny that this has anything will the easy availability of weapons that should be restricted to the military; and where was the “good guy with a gun” that Wayne LaPierre says will always be around when there’s a “bad guy” with a gun?

Every time this happens and I write about it, I feel more disgusted by all of it.

Whether it’s mass murder abroad in the ongoing wars of empire, or slaughter on our own streets, it never stops. And any and all of it is soon forgotten anyway– with the next shootings or now that it’s August, with the NFL preseason starting.

Gore Vidal was spot on when he said we live in the United States of Amnesia.

The only ones who don’t forget are those who have friends or loved ones murdered.


Author: Tom

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