George Carlin on Abortion

Now with this week’s Supreme Court decision on abortion, the rights of many young women to medical privacy have been left to the states; unsurprisingly, the Supreme Court ruled the day before that a state (New York) could not decide for itself on concealed carry laws.

Any remaining doubt that the Supreme Court is no longer, and may never have been, the impartial bench of austere solemn justices, should be tossed aside.  They’re not motivated solely by consideration of the Constitution and legal precedents.  They’re driven by their personal opinions and philosophies, and are political hacks just like most politicians.

One can assume the Democrats, always looking for political advantage, will use this decision as a means to alter what appears to be their inevitable shellacking in the November midterms.

But as bad as it’s going to get, they deserve it.  After the decision, Nancy Pelosi’s response was to read a poem, and then ask for more money.

I would remind people that Obama ran in 2008 on codifying abortion rights into law. After his election, he said – a year later – that is wasn’t one of his priorities.

A gentle reminder to those now feeling despondent or angry about the Supreme  Court’s decision and determined to pour money into the Democrat’s coffers and vote for them in November: the Democrats talk a big game but never use the power when it’s given to them.

They’re may be no good choices then, but that’s where we are.

It will take a wipe-out of the Democrats in November to finally discredit the failed triangulation and neoliberal eras of the Clintons and Obamas, and begin with a new generation of leadership that will actually do what they say they will do.

This will not be a one or two election struggle. I fear for the lives of the young women – and others if Clarence Thomas gets his way – who will suffer over the coming decades (yes, decades).

But that’s real life – it is the long struggles that define movements and the progress of humanity.

Finally, as in most things – the brilliant George Carlin saw what was coming. His 1996 bit captures with humor – something always needed – what he knew was happening, and coming:

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