Fly Rod Holder

Fly Rod Holder

Fly-fishing is utterly dependent on a fragile hollow tube made of graphite. It must be a cosmic joke that a rod capable of casting a line and heavy fly out to100 feet has what’s basically a glass jaw.

Treat the rod gently and handle it well and a day of fishing will be grand. Set it up, lean it against a car and walk away and the trap has been set. All it takes is a moment of inattention and the rod that fell over in a zephyr is now waiting for your size 12 wading boot.

In a moment you will have a broken tip, ruined day – even if you have a backup rod, and loss of the rod for some period of time as its sent back to the rod builder.

A better approach is to use a rod holder. A good one will hold your rod firmly upright against your car with magnets until you’re ready to head to the stream or shore.

I use one made by Tight Line Enterprises. They cost about $10 each and should be available in your local fly shop. If not you could find them online here.


Author: TomR