Five Essential Songs for ParrotHead Fly Fishers

Chris Hunt, a freelance writer, reflects on how the life and music of Jimmy Buffett.

He also points out that a little known interest of Jimmy Buffet was fly fishing.  Jimmy was known to show media images of himself  fly fishing for bonefish from a stand-up paddleboard; some of his favorite locations for fly fishing were the Bahamas and Christmas Island for tropical species and the coast near Nantucket Island for striped bass.

Hunt makes the point that much of Buffett’s music is more sophisticated than appreciated in casual listening, starting with the melancholy lyrics within his first hit, “Margaritaville”, which only sounds like a carefree happy song:

Old men in tank topsCruisin’ the gift shopsThe lost verseCheckin’ out chiquitas down by the shoreI found ’em, I found ’emThey dream about weight loss, ohWish they could be their own bossThose three day vacations become such a bore

Additionally, Bufffett’s music and themes worked their way into the works of writers like Tom McGuane, Jim Harrison, and the columnist Maureen Dowd. He counted as friends people like Ed Bradley, Harrison Ford, Paul McCartney, Glen Frey, and Jerry Jeff Walker.

Choose not to like his music if you will, but there is no debate of the influence he had on both literature and music.

Hunt provides a list of five songs that he says will be appreciated by all fishers. Some are well known and loved by me – some I wasn’t familiar with; but all reflect on the music

“Salty Piece of Land”

“Havana Day Dreamin'”

“A Pirate Looks at Forty”

“Be Good and Be Lonesome”

“I Found Me a Home”

The days drift byThey don’t have namesAnd none of the streets here look the sameAnd there aren’t many reasons I would leave Yes, I have found me some peaceYes, I have found me a home.

You can read Hunt’s article and listen to all five songs here.

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