COVID-19 Vaccine – First Shot

Through a bit of luck and timing, I got my first COVID-19 vaccine shot (Moderna) yesterday (January 23rd). It only took a drive of 20 miles to Lakewood to get to the facility, but it was a quick and easy trip.

On Friday, a family friend informed us that CHI Franciscan – a Puget Sound health care network – had just gotten 60,000 doses, and I immediately checked their web site. There were multiple appointment times at two of their hospitals.  But as fast as I was refreshing the screen to find available appointments they were disappearing. I then took a chance on a later afternoon time slot and got it.

So far, there have been only minimal side effects: mild soreness at the injection site and a bit of a headache this morning.

I spoke with the nurse who gave me my shot while she was reviewing my paperwork.

She said they were doing 600 shots a day. She added that she had had COVID-19 and recovered; her sister had not and had died from the disease. In addition, she works two nights a week at a nursing home. She spoke of the feelings she had developed for many of the residents and had watched with grief as so many died. For all those reasons, she said she would work a COVID-19 vaccination clinic every day if they let her.

Once again, I was reminded of what Joe Biden said at the COVID-19 memorial and what I already knew: if there are angels in heaven, they are all nurses.

As might be expected, getting this shot was a big relief.

I have socially distanced and worn a mask whenever near another human being – except for my wife – for the last 8 months.  While I will still maintain those practices until herd immunity is achieved (if we ever do in this country), the vaccine will at least give me a degree of protection – hopefully to not be tested – against this virus.

Next thing will be the second shot in 4 weeks – on February 23rd.

Please, whenever the opportunity or chance allows, get vaccinated!

Author: Tom

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