Buy American Makes Sense for Fly Fishing Gear

There are a number of reasons to buy from American companies, and by American companies I mean smaller companies that employ American workers. I like to support businesses that contribute to their local economies by providing good wages (as relative as that term is) to both skilled and unskilled workers. Good wages build strong communities. I truly believe without a blue-collar middle class this country is doomed. We may already be past that point, but that’s a comment for another day.

Today I want to offer another reason to buy American – it supports fish and wildlife management.

Gink and Gasoline in today’s email noted there’s a 10% excise tax on all fishing and hunting gear. The excise tax was mandated by the Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937 and the Dingell-Johnson Act of 1950. The monies collected go into a trust fund used for fish and wildlife management.

You can read their article here.


Author: Tom

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