Better Casting Leads to More Privacy

No fly fisher goes looking for crowds, at least none I’ve met.

One of the attractions of the sport is finding a stream or beach where no one else is in the vicinity. A place where the casting and fishing is only a part, even if the greatest part, of being in nature. A place to slow down and listen only to the splash of water, the sounds of birds, and the noise the wind makes through the trees.

John Juracek, fly fishing instructor and photographer in West Yellowstone, Montana, has written an article describing how to get away from crowds: get better at fly casting.

Being able to cast better – in wind, with accuracy, and with better presentation – means that streams and beaches that require more skills to both cast and catch have fewer people.

I’d also add, being retired means being able to fish when everyone else is at work – but that comes only at a certain age.

You can read John’s article here.

Author: Tom

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