Best Socks for Cold-Water Fly Fishing

One of the challenges of fly-fishing in cold water is warm feet. Standing in cold water with cold feet is uncomfortable at best and can lead to a decision to end a day of fishing early.

There are many sock choices out there, but after trying a number of synthetic socks – including ones described as for the coldest conditions, I’ve found what I think are the best socks for fly fishing in these parts. They are knee high boot socks from a company called Alpacas of Montana.

Made from alpaca fleece, one of the warmest fibers – described by some as seven times as warm as sheep’s wool, the socks are warm and light. I use them with a light liner sock and my feet stayed warm over three hours in cold salt water. I wish I had found these earlier as they would have made a number of ski days more bearable as well.

The ones I have are knee-high in length. This provides warm lower legs for the type of wading done in Puget Sound for Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout.

You can find them here.

Author: TomR