A River Runs Through It – 30th Year Anniversary

If any movie could be said to have launched the modern era of fly fishing, it is A River Runs Through It from 1992.

And yet, as I wrote about five years ago (see here), it is a movie about a good deal more than Montana and fly fishing. It is a story of family and the arcs of individual lives, and how they affect those we love.

Now, five years later – the American Museum of Fly Fishing has awarded the movie its Heritage Award.

The accompanying tribute video begins with the opening score of the movie that transports you back to a different time and place. The ending is the last scene of the movie that seems to be more haunting and relevant to me each time I watch it. In between are interviews and reflections on the movie from the cast and crew -including some insightful thoughts from Robert Redford on what he intended with the movie.

I am still haunted by waters.

Author: Tom

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