A Hint of Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season of the year.

As I’ve related elsewhere there is something about the season that makes me feel most alive.

And as most occurs in most seasonal transitions, the change from summer to autumn takes place over weeks as temperatures drop; at least here in the Pacific Northwest the frequency of rain increases; and sunsets occur earlier.

But for me it is late August and early September when I know Autumn is on the way. The angle of the sun in mid morning is different – with the light a bit softer. While most days are bright and warm in the sunlight, standing in the shade brings a different feel – one of something cool and penetrating. And when there is a bit of wind, as there has been on many mornings, the feel of autumn is strong.

And it is a feeling. It is a memory is stirred. Reminding myself that time is passing and the greatest time of the year to be alive will soon be here.


Author: Tom

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