Gink and Gasoline on the New Orvis Marketing

Gink and Gasoline has a new post reflecting on the ways Orvis is changing the way it markets itself. Orvis understands it has an image problem – derided by a good number of critics for many years a “lifestyle company” – and has aggressively set out to reclaim its place as a preeminent fly fishing company.

Orvis has attacked its image problem in two ways. It was the first fly fishing company to use internet marketing and social media. Tom Rosenbauer’s podcasts represent a growing library of tips and information. It has a dedicated web site of instructional videos to help both new and experienced fly fishers. And many of its company stores have active programs of presentations and schools.

At the same time, Orvis has focused both research and development and manufacturing technologies in improving its products (Helios 2 rods and Silver Sonic waders are only two examples).

This is great for the industry overall. When the biggest company in the business starts moving to reposition and market itself, other companies must do likewise. All of us will benefit from the increased competition.

As one example., I’ve observed over the last year that Winston has upgraded its marketing to include a new web site and a Facebook page. In addition, it has recently posted a series of Joan Wulff instructional videos (see here).

You can read the Gink and Gasoline post here.

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